Opportunity and Access

Historic stereotyping results in limited options and opportunities, like funneling women into low paying “pink-collar” jobs and lack of access to networks, power and capital.  


Occupational Choice. To break the cycle of poverty, women need better paying jobs with benefits and career growth, like those offered by non-traditional, male-dominated occupations.

Women in the Trades:

  • NEW (Nontraditional Employment for Women) reports that skilled tradeswomen make 2 or 3 times more than women in traditional fields.
  • But, lack of apprenticeships programs, hiring and on-the-job discrimination, and weak enforcement of hiring goals for contractors keep women out of these lucrative fields.
  • CWC (Collaboration of Construction Women) is a coalition of organizations, tradeswomen and advocates working to eliminate employment barriers.

Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics):

STEM jobs are the wave of the future ensuring higher paying jobs for women and a pool of talent in the competitive global market. But, the numbers of women in STEM jobs is increasing at a very slow rate. Read more.

Women Owned Businesses. WBE (Women Business Enterprises) are Economic Engines in need of capital. Many women leave companies at some point in their careers to become enterpreneurs, affording them more flexiblity and opportunity for advancement.

  • The 8.6 milion Women Owned Businesses generated $1.3 trillion in business and 7.8 million employees in the United States in 2013
  • Amazing growth of firms owned by women of color. 17% of women-owned firms 16 years ago, they now account for one in three women- owned firms in the U.S.
  • NY is not leading the nation: NYC ranks 19 out of 25 US cities, and NYS ranks 26 in the nation in overall growth and clout of WBE
  • NYC Comptroller’s MWB/E Report Card reveals only 3.9% of NYC government spending goes to MWB/Es. That’s is 617million of the 16.5 Billion spent annually.


NYC Resource Center is ready to train business owners for success

Business First is a resource to support  NYS’s 2010 legislation and MWBE goals.

Get WBENC certification for your business.