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Paid Sick Days


We are all working. 70% of households have all adults in the labor force.

The U.S. is behind the times. At least 145 out of 173 countries studied provide paid sick days for short- or long term illness, with 127 providing a week or more annually. Learn More

If you are sick, stay home. Workers who come in sick to their jobs cost our national economy $180 billion annually in lost productivity.

We need to take care of our children. On any given day, more than 350,000 children less than 14 years of age are too sick to go to school or child-care but do not have a parent at home full-time.

It all equals out in the end. When workers are provided with paid sick time, they demonstrate increased job satisfaction, commitment, and morale, and their employers reap the benefits of high performance and productivity.

We all agree. Nearly nine in ten likely voters support guaranteeing all workers a minimum number of paid sick days to care for themselves or immediate family members.

For more reasons why read “The Top Ten Reasons Why New York Needs Paid Sick Days”.


SUCCESS! NYC Earn Sick Time is now law because of an amazing coalition effort! A Better Balance’s Brochure Know York Rights

Multi-lingual NYC Government Resource


Paid Family Leave


Workers need PAID leave: Only 8% of U.S. workers have paid family leave.

Unpaid leave doesn’t solve the problem: Current law (FMLA) mandates large companies give up to 12 weeks of UNpaid leave, but 8 in 10 people say they cannot afford to take it.

Women have babies! It’s simple, new moms need maternity leave. Without it they have to choose between leaving their babies too soon or their jobs.

Times have changed: Two-thirds (67%) of women with children under 18, and a majority (53%) of women with children under 3, are employed. New mothers need maternity leave.

More of us are caring for elderly relatives: 21% of the adult working population regularly provides care to another adult.

It’s good for business too: Paid time off reduces turnover and increases employee loyalty.


FAQs on Paid Family Leave for New York

Paid Family Leave Factsheet

Paid Leave in Around the Country

New Yorkers Share Why They Need Paid Family Leave


NYS PAID FAMILY LEAVE COALITION is leading the charge to gain PAID leave for NY workers. Stay update and get involved!

FEDERAL: Senator Gillibrand on the FAMILY ACT

Pregnancy Accommodation


Workplace discrimination against pregnant workers is illegal, but still widespread. Discrimination charges are on the rise (up 35% in the last ten years) as is the national movement pushing for reasonable accommodations which would enable many workers to stay on the job. This matters because:

The majority of  women help support their families. Three-quarters of America’s working women will be employed AND pregnancy during their worklife.

Most Women can work through their pregnancies. Indeed 88% of women worked until their last month.

Reasonable and often minor adjustments are the difference. A stool, more frequent bathroom breaks, temporary light duty are examples of reasonable accommodations.

It’s good for women AND business. Improving employee loyalty, retention, morale and productivity are real benefits, and most employers report not additional costs.


NYS WOMEN’S EQUALITY COALITION is working for the passage of Governor Cuomo’s 10 Point Women’s Equality Act which would expand discrimination protections for pregnant workers.

NYC: The Pregnant Workers Law takes effect January 30, 2014! Info in many languages.

Federal:  Take action to push the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act .



A Better Balance : Pregnancy Discrimination Fact Sheet 

National Partnership: The Pregnancy Discrimination Act at 35